Our Team

PlanAdapt is a transdisciplinary team of highly committed and passionate adaptation professionals across the globe. We cover a range of disciplines and backgrounds. Our team is specialised in building capacities and skills of stakeholders and partners, analysing and advising on policies and methodologies to turn knowledge, plans and strategies into impactful action on the ground. We are excited to bring our expertise in agriculture, forestry, water resource management, coastal protection, human development, energy, infrastructure, health, tourism and other areas to the table, while we are keen on growing and learning together with the partners and clients we work with and for.

Coordination Hub

Martin Rokitzki

Jesse DeMaria-Kinney

Dr Mariana Vidal Merino

Dr Sumetee P. Gajjar

Alannah Hofemeier

Omagano Shooya

Yi hyun (Ellie) Kang

Karim Elbana

David Bronzwaig Kravzov

Dipankar Aich

Anand Menon

Marketplace Fellows

Meet the colleagues who innovate, collaborate and learn together at the PlanAdapt Marketplace.

Aasha Subedi

Dr Alexander Bisaro

Catherine Van den Hoof

Dr Devaraj de Condappa

Dipankar Aich

Feng Hu

Hausner Wendo

Ivan Palmegiani

Leslie Morris-Iveson

Lingaraj Jayaprakash

Marlon Martinez

Omagano Shooya

Stephanie Austin

Dr Sumetee P. Gajjar

Wolfram Lange

Selected Network Members

Becky Venton

Nadine Raedel

Reaj Morshed

Léa Doumenjou

Julia Davies

John Colvin

Imran Nadeen

Marina Monzeglio

Robert Bierkandt

Julia Reimers

Luis H. Zamarioli

Daniel Longhurst

Inga Söllner

Mulugeta Worku Ayele

Torsten Welle

Ines Freier

Krisztina Fabian

Mahé Perrette

Adrian Fenton

Karen Dall

Thomas Tichař

Azra Tanović

Maitreyi Koduganti

Christian Porstner