About Us

PlanAdapt is an independent global network-based organisation that provides knowledge services in support of effective, economically just and socially inclusive climate change adaptation and climate risk management around the world, with particular focus on the Global South. We assemble professionals that are passionately committed to protecting the future of our generation and most importantly the generations to come. We earn, learn and grow together!

Since 2017, PlanAdapt has grown as a grassroots and informal network of collaborators. Then in late 2019, PlanAdapt was founded as a legally registered organisation to consolidate, support and strategically grow the network. We are like-minded professionals that share the same vision and principles. We are a decentralised organisation with a coordination hub, staffed by members (currently based in Africa and Europe) collaborating remotely.  PlanAdapt is global by heart and legally registered in Berlin, Germany. This enables us to provide tailor-made, culturally-sensitive and context-specific knowledge services to a wide range of clients and stakeholders. We collaborate for a specific purpose - a research project, an advisory project, a  publication or an initiative - while the majority of our members have also other organisational affiliations. This keeps the team agile, our knowledge base up-to-date and partnerships vivid.