Our Projects and Initiatives

PlanAdapt is involved in a multitude of projects and initiatives around the globe that help to foster effective, economically just and socially inclusive climate change adaptation and climate risk management. Find more information about some of them here:

Integrating Climate Risks in Water Infrastructure Planning in the Nile Basin

In the past years, the Nile Basin Initiative has invested resources to build capacity of project managers, planners and designers in integrating climate risk considerations into the different ... Learn more

Private Finance and Investment for Climate-Smart Technologies in Agriculture

PlanAdapt, in collaboration with CABI,  explores the role of private finance and investment in the promotion of climate-smart technologies in agricultural sectors of Africa and Asia ... Learn more 

Making the Case for Action-Oriented Research on Climate Adaptation

Launched in January 2021, as part of the UK COP26 Presidency Adaptation & Resilience campaign, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), along with its partners  ... Learn more

Making Sense of the Vast Global Landscape of Climate Finance

Climate finance is central to developing climate resilience and pursuing a just transition to low-carbon economies in the face of climate change. The vast range of climate finance initiatives ... Learn more 

Integrating Climate Justice in Advocacy for Gender and Youth

When climate change is understood as an issue that both reflects and perpetuates injustices, it can illuminate the power asymmetries between those who suffer most from climate impacts ... Learn more

Ecosystem-Based Flood Risk Management - A Lasting Solution to Perennial Flooding

Urban floods are becoming more common as a result of increasing urbanisation, climate change, and poor urban planning. Supported by CDKN, five municipalities in Accra, Ghana, are working ... Learn more

Stormwater Management through Green Infrastructure for Climate Smart Cities

In early 2021, PlanAdapt supported the Climate Smart Cities project commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU), the Indian Ministry of Housing and Urban ... Learn more 

Improving the Transboundary Management of Water, Energy and Food in the Niger Basin

PlanAdapt supports GIZ, IWMI, Wetlands International, IUCN and multiple local partners in designing a large-scale programme promoting the climate-water-nexus and integrated water ... Learn more

Managing the Potential of Soil Carbon to Achieve Impact at Scale

Healthy soils are vital for our environment. They hold benefits for food security and biodiversity, as well as mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and help to adapt to the adverse impacts ... Learn more

People, Nature and Climate Change - Protect, Restore and Fund Nature in Cities

Ecosystem services (supporting, provisioning, regulating and cultural) are central to human existence, yet they are increasingly threatened by human actions in the water, on the ground ... Learn more

Near-Term Climate Impacts with Significant Economic Risks for the EU Economy

Would the Next Major Crisis Hold Also ‘Opportunities’ for Transformational Change in Europe’s Economy? And What Role Do Climate Impacts Play in This?  PlanAdapt explores ... Learn more

Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Nature-based Solutions for Vietnamese Coastal Cities

In collaboration with GIZ, PlanAdapt, working through NIRAS-IP, supports the Government of Vietnam at national, provincial and municipal levels to analyse and assess potential  ... Learn more

Enhancing Capacity Development Services to Countries at Risk of Disasters

In 2019 and 2020, PlanAdapt collaborates with the Capacity for Disaster Reduction Initiative (CADRI), a global partnership composed of 17 UN and non-UN ... Learn more

Learning From Climate Action and Valuing Practitioners' Views in Cambodia

The Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) operates a grant facility funding climate change adaptation and mitigation projects in the field. One of the  ... Learn more

A Critical Learning Journey from Theory to Real-World Solutions in Climate Adaptation

In August 2019, PlanAdapt, in collaboration with Humboldt University Berlin,  offers a two-week training course focusing on the latest knowledge in adaptation science, practice ... Learn more

Central Asia - Shaping the Mindsets of Future Leaders in Climate Change Adaptation

Until the end of 2019, PlanAdapt, in collaboration with Adelphi and GIZ, supports the integration of sustainable land use and climate change aspects into the Central Asian ... Learn more

Morocco's National Adaptation Plan - Moving from Planning to Action

The National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process in Morocco started in 2016 and is approaching an essential milestone.  While the institutional set-up has been in place ... Learn more

Financing Climate Change Action in a Country That is at the Doorstep of the EU

From 2016 to 2018, PlanAdapt worked with Albania’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Ministry of Infrastructure, in collaboration with GIZ, to support the  ... Learn more

Innovative Financing For Ecosystem Management in Africa

The nature of goods or capital normally addressed under the umbrella of ecosystem management and services poses a critical problem regarding their capability ... Learn more

Adapting to Climate Change in the Agricultural Sector in Thailand

In 2017, PlanAdapt supported the Thai Government in building capacities for the application of appraisal and prioritisation techniques for climate change adaptation ... Learn more

The Political Economy of Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh

It is a fairly uncontested view that Bangladesh is at the frontline of the impacts of climate change. Consequently, the Bangladeshi  Government and international climate funds allocate ... Learn more

Integrating Climate Risk Management Across the Public Sector in Cambodia

In 2016, PlanAdapt supported the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the General Secretariat of the National Council for Sustainable Development, in collaboration with GIZ ... Learn more

Brokering Knowledge in a Way That Scientific Findings Are Considered in Policy-Making

In 2016, PlanAdapt supported the Secretariat of the UNCCD in its efforts to reach out to relevant scientific knowledge providers and brokers. PlanAdapt helped to develop ... Learn more

Knowledge to Shape the Future – Investing in the Next Generation

In 2015, PlanAdapt was invited to join an accreditation panel that inspected and verified the design of the two-year dual degree study programme that has  ... Learn more