Learning From Climate Action and Valuing Practitioners’ Views in Cambodia

The  Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) operates a grant facility funding climate change adaptation and mitigation projects in the field. One of the funding windows provides support to demonstration projects implemented by Government agencies in line with their Climate Change Action Plans (CCAP), while innovative projects from both civil society and the private sector are funded through an additional window. A total of USD 4.5 million have been allocated to 22 projects between 2015 and 2019. Projects cover a wide range of activities and sectors. Some project examples are as follows:

PlanAdapt, in collaboration with UNDP, supports the process of lesson learning from the CCCA project portfolio, as well as the collection of individual beneficiary stories, for communication purposes and advocacy with decision-makers. Lessons will be identified and documented to reflect factors of success but also common constraints and limiting factors faced by the projects. Furthermore, PlanAdapt will support CCCA in identifying specific innovative approaches or technologies with potential for replication and document them through case studies and beneficiary stories. The work includes several field visits to the concerned projects.

This project follows up on a previous involvement of PlanAdapt in Cambodia that supported the identification and prioritisation of climate change adaptation measures and their integration into portfolio activities of 14 line ministries.