The Climate Co-Adaptation Lab

A Collaborative Space to Collectively Pursue Work Opportunities and Co-Create Innovative Ideas and Concepts

The Climate Co-Adaptation Lab is a collaborative, bottom-up innovation space that brings together PlanAdapt Fellows from all over the world. Independent researchers, experts and consultants join the Lab to seek new transdisciplinary and intercultural ways to earn, learn and grow together while advancing PlanAdapt’s mission: “Working with and for people that struggle with the impacts of climate change and climate injustice, particularly in the Global South”. We collectively explore ways to enter the space 'beyond the blah, blah, blah' around transformation.

The term 'co-adaptation' describes a biological process by which two or more species or genes undergo adaptation as a pair or group, and thereby enables mutual relationships to persist.  We use this analogy to underline our belief that the current societal challenges caused by climate change (or better, vice versa) can only be tackled through true collaboration, cooperation; also and especially in knowledge production (i.e. co-production of knowledge) and transfer. Furthermore, it embodies our vision to grow PlanAdapt as an open organisation.

We build an organisation that provides research findings, advisory services, and learning support while standing for values of the 21st century, such as mutual respect and support, inclusivity, and collective wisdom. Not only do we promote these values, but we incorporate them internally in the way we collaborate, share values and income, and make organisational decisions. A truly collaborative effort beyond cultural and disciplinary boundaries between researchers, enablers and facilitators with different backgrounds and types of knowledge.

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