Our Expertise and Methods

PlanAdapt’s knowledge services

PlanAdapt focuses on a suite of knowledge services that enable effective, economically just and socially inclusive adaptation to climate impacts and management of climate-related risks. We are a group of ‘thinkers’, that conduct research-for-impact and develop conceptual approaches for adaptation, and ‘doers’ in sectors and contexts where current and future climate risks matter. This mixture allows us to constantly calibrate our knowledge pool through balancing tacit, experience-based knowledge from our practitioners and explicit knowledge from research and theory.

We mostly engage in projects and initiatives in the following areas: (a) action-oriented research; (b) effective advisory services; (c) impactful capacity development, learning and training and (d) knowledge brokering to walk the ‘last mile’ of knowledge-based services.

Framing the Decision Context, Engaging Stakeholders

Assessing, Valuating and Making Sense of Climate Risk

Shaping Planning and Business Processes

PlanAdapt brokers knowledge between the people, businesses, authorities that identify and feel climate risks and the ones that offer solutions and relevant information. Our mission is to develop and spread ‘good practice’ in climate change adaptation work that will always be inspired by and measured against positive impacts for people that suffer from and lose through the negative effects of climate change.

Monitoring, Evaluating and Learning From Adaptation Action

Knowledge Brokering, Bridging between Theory and Practice

Researching New Frontiers for Effective Implementation

In order to do so, we support public and private actors in effectively integrating climate risks into their strategies, processes and projects in relevant sectors, such as agriculture, forestry, water resource management, coastal protection, human development, energy, infrastructure, health, tourism. Our services are equally informed by science and practice, strongly believing that only a mix of both can solve the practical threats related to climate impacts.

Training, Building Capacity, Shaping Mindsets

Assessing Financing Options and Mobilising Resources

Designing and Delivering Impactful Climate Services