We are constantly looking for creative, passionate and entrepreneurial colleagues to join us!

Open vacancies:

Finanz- und ProjektmanagerIn

PlanAdapt Fellowship – Climate Co-Adaptation Lab

Intern – Research, Collaboration & Innovation (Climate Risk Management, Climate Adaptation)

Become a PlanAdapt Leader and Senior Changemaker

Innovation Broker (Climate Change Adaptation and Private Sector Development/ Social Entrepreneurship)

We regularly offer internships and post them here and via our social media channels – learn more about insights and experiences of previous Interns

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Join PlanAdapt via the German Ecological Volunteering Programme (only for residence permit holders in Germany)

Here are a few facts that may encourage you to join us:

  • We are a decentralized organization. So, no need to move to another part of the world.
  • We try to keep structure, bureaucracy and processes lean so that there is enough time for creativity and learning. We try, for instance, to integrate principles introduced by holacracy, sociocracy 3.0 and reinventing organisations thinking into our decision-making and ways of collaborating, and to not get bogged down by an overload of emails, unnecessary meetings etc.
  • We aim to empower our network collaborators and organically develop a self-governance and ownership model that borrows from steward ownership approaches
  • We are open and flexible to accommodate your professional ambitions besides your work with PlanAdapt as well as your personal situation.
  • We work as a network of like-minded professionals, interested in growing together and learning from each other. For example, more experienced, older team members provide mentorship to younger colleagues.

So, if you are keen on joining us, please contact one of our members or our coordination hub in Berlin, Germany: engage (at) plan-adapt.org