Become a PlanAdapt Leader and Senior Changemaker! 

Are you ready for a leadership position, but your current company, organisation or working environment has no suitable vacancies or job openings available? … and perhaps it seems that they may not be able to provide this opportunity for the foreseeable future?

Are you an upcoming leader or an innovator in climate adaptation and resilience, climate risk management, (urban) nature-based solutions, new economics or climate justice? But you can’t live up to it in your current work environment… why not use PlanAdapt as your platform to shape and build your leadership skills?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, but you don’t want to take the risk of founding a new organisation/ social company or go through the difficulties of the initial start-up phase?

Why not try something new, maybe scaling up your ambition for impact without taking the full financial risk by building on what others have already developed?

Thematic areas that PlanAdapt is active in

PlanAdapt is an organisation that has taken an unusual trajectory. It did not start with discussions around who owns, who benefits (financially) and who leads. It started off with shared observations and vision. We built our team and the initial portfolio based on our belief in structures and processes guided by management and leadership styles of the 21st century during the last two and a half years. 

What Does PlanAdapt Offer to You as an Upcoming Leader and Change Maker? 

  • PlanAdapt offers the possibility to ‘find’, lead, and team up with young, smart and highly motivated early-career colleagues to support the implementation or the development of a business or a project idea
  • PlanAdapt offers to ‘build’ your leadership position in an open organisation, using PlanAdapt as a seedbed or a platform to build on (based on its (a) worldwide visibility and (b) administrative, legal and financial management capacities), i.e. building a new unit/ department in PlanAdapt
  • Join other talents in transformational and collaborative leadership and learn with and from them
  • PlanAdapt offers individuals to approach other organisations as a representative of PlanAdapt (something that would be harder or impossible as an independent, individual professional only) in view of developing projects and programmes

What’s On Offer?

Depending on your interest and motivation, you could:

  • become the leader of a new department (established by you)
  • become a project leader in an impactful initiative in climate adaptation and resilience, climate risk management, (urban) nature-based solutions, new economics or climate justice (i.e. using the opportunities in our Climate Co-Adaptation Lab)
  • become a shaper of our governance structure and processes (potentially the set-up of an advisory board) 
  • become a leader in PlanAdapt’s coordination hub
  • become a senior mentor and supervisor

In summary, get a kick-start by using PlanAdapt (and the opportunities that have been generated in the initial two and a half years of the organisation) to build your own professional future and thrive as a leader and changemaker!

Depending on your interest, set-ups in terms of remuneration can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis. 

Depending on the agreed set-up, the envisaged role would either be full-time or part-time with the main focus on the work in and for PlanAdapt. A Senior Fellow role in the Climate Co-Adaptation Lab would allow for flexibility and could also be pursued with less significant time investment. Be in touch and let us shape the arrangement together! 

If you are interested, please send us an expression of interest (including your CV) to engage (at)