Daniel Longhurst

Daniel is a network member, based in France.

He works as a freelance consultant and has over 12 years experience in international development, working for multi-lateral and research institutions on policy and progammatic issues relating to the nexus of social protection, resilience, climate change adaptation and humanitarianism. He spent eight years with the Food and Agricultural Organisation and World Food Programme of the United Nations, in headquarters and field positions.

Daniel has significant experience in adaptation planning and implementation. He has managed Adaptation Fund portfolios, worked at global level in the development of legal and policy agreements for global climate services, and has designed and delivered climate services for food security as the focal point for the Global Framework For Climate Services (GFCS) in Malawi. In addition, he has worked on designing scalable safety nets and forecast-based financing initiatives in the Sahel, developing index-based insurance products (the Rural Resilience programme), and delivering climate-smart asset-creation programmes. His work now focuses on integrating these elements into wider resilience and adaptive social protection approaches.

For more detail, see Daniel’s LinkedIn page.