Mahé Perrette

Mahé is a network member with PlanAdapt, based in Potsdam, Germany.

He has nine years of experience working at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). He is an expert in climate modelling, model output analysis, data processing and data visualization. He specialized in the field of sea level rise at global and regional scales, physical modelling of Greenland glaciers, probabilistic simulations of past and future climate. Mahé is the author of numerous scientific publications as well as co-author in the sea level sections of World Bank’s Turn Down The Heat reports series and contributing author to the IPCC AR5 report (chapter 13 on sea level). Mahé is co-developer of the climate impact information platform ISIMIP/ISIPEDIA, hosted at PIK, where he is responsible for climate modelling and indicator development aspects. Mahé gained experience in providing scientific briefings for policy makers while working at PIK, including occasional participation to COP meetings with Climate Analytics (e.g. side-event with SIDS during COP17).

Mahé holds a MSc in Engineering, a MSc in Oceanography and is in the process of completing a PhD in physics on the simulation of sea level rise at global and regional scales under uncertainty.

For more detail, see Mahé’s page at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.