Stefan Bößner

Stefan is a PlanAdapt Fellow based in Vienna, Austria.

For the past nine years, Stefan has been working for leading think tanks and research institutes in the fields of energy, climate change and sustainability as a researcher and project manager. Also an independent consultant and Associate of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), he focuses on issues like clean energy transitions, renewable energy support, SDG interaction, bioeconomy pathways, land-based mitigation technologies & practices, international energy and climate mitigation policies, fossil fuel phase-out and clean innovation.

His most recent interest is behavioural economics and how insights from behavioural sciences can help people to make more sustainable decisions. Stefan has lived and worked in Austria, France, Lebanon, the UK, Thailand and Indonesia and has published journal articles as well as book chapters on a variety of issues related to climate change mitigation. He is also keen on getting the message of sustainability to a wider audience by means of stakeholder- and policy engagement.

Stefan holds a degree in media studies from the University of Vienna and a master’s degree in International Affairs from Sciences Po Paris. He is fluent in English, French and German as well as in pop cultural references.

For more info, see Stefan’s LinkedIn page.