Leslie Morris-Iveson

Leslie is a PlanAdapt Fellow, based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Leslie is a water and climate specialist with over 20 years experience in policy and programming including adaptation programming in the water sector. After spending 10 years in field based and national roles throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America responding to and planning for disasters (as well as leading on SDG 6 programming), she is a water and climate consultant, supporting organizations and their partners with high quality policy and knowledge services.

Leslie is the co-editor of the book Water Supply Resilience in Practice: Experiences from the Frontline. Some other examples of recent projects include leading the design of the Optimal Design Approach for the Resilient Water Accelerator, a coalition of the world’s leading water and climate organisations, governments and businesses to boost climate finance to build the resilience of 50 million people through reliable water services. She was the lead author of Water Under Fire Volume 3: Attacks on water and sanitation infrastructure; and as well as led on numerous water scarcity & security guidance, complex programme development and advocacy. Leslie’s other area of work is evaluating resilient water initiatives, and has been the team lead on several recent complex evaluations (examples include a network of water professionals, a donor portfolio in water and a major transboundary water governance portfolio).

Leslie is a Chartered Environmentalist (C.Env.) and member of the International Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (MIEMA), and has an undergrad degree in Urban and Regional Planning (Environmental Studies) and a Master of Arts in Environment, Development and Policy.

More details can be found on her website: https://www.waterresilienceconsulting.com