Lucía Benavides Mondragón

Lucia is a PlanAdapt Fellow, based in Berlin, Germany.

She is passionate about conserving and restoring ecosystems by improving natural resource use systems. Her experiences spans eight years and three continents, in which she has evaluated the sustainability degree of natural resource and land use schemes, designed landscape interventions to recover ecosystem function and researched hand in hand with local actors on the scalability of sustainable land use practices. Having worked mostly in technical, research and field roles within multi- and transdisciplinary projects in international contexts, her strengths lie in research design, biophysical field and baseline surveys, GIS visualisation, data collation and analysis, intervention/ scenario design and planning. Specific topics of expertise include wastewater management, soil and land management, nature-based solutions (particularly EbA) and sustainable landscape design. In these topics she has worked for institutions like the United Nations University, the Berlin-based Thinktank TMG Research and the German Development Cooperation Agency (GIZ).

Lucia holds a Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture and a Master of Science in Natural Resource Management and currently pursues a new degree in Ecology and non-academic training in Arboriculture and Agroforestry.

For more info, see Lucia’s ResearchGate page (including her publications and work samples) and LinkedIn page.