Robert Bierkandt

Robert is a network member of PlanAdapt, based in Berlin, Germany.

His core interest is bridging the gap between climate data and policy making to enable climate-resilient economic development planning. Being an astrophysicist by training, he shifted to scientific climate modelling and data analysis in 2012 and has worked at the the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, UC Berkeley (visiting researcher) and the Mercator Institute for Climate Change and Global Commons in Berlin.

Since 2017 his work focuses on supporting climate-resilient policy making in Central Asia, where he has conducted capacity development for climate information users and providers.  For instance, as integrated expert (GIZ CIM-expert) within Kyrgyzstan’s national hydrometeorological service or as advisor of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Environment for the establishment of an effective institutional landscape for national and sub-national climate adaptation planning.

Robert holds a German Diploma (Master equivalent) in Physics (Berlin Institute of Technology) and a PhD, awarded by the Potsdam University for his research at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research on Climate physics. His thesis focused on the impact of future extreme weather events on infrastructure and global economic supply chains.

For more info, see Robert’s Linkedin page