PlanAdapt Launches New Innovation and Collaboration Platform – The Climate Co-Adaptation Lab

PlanAdapt Launches New Innovation and Collaboration Platform – The Climate Co-Adaptation Lab

Several months of intensive preparations, endless coordination meetings and extra-long days spent working, have come to fruition: In December 2020, PlanAdapt has launched its new innovation and collaboration platform, the Climate Co-Adaptation Lab. The Lab is a virtual collaborative, bottom-up innovation space to collectively pursue work opportunities and develop ideas and concepts with the overall goal to advance PlanAdapt’s mission: “Working with and for people that struggle with the impacts of climate change and climate injustice, particularly in the Global South”.

Reactions by PlanAdapt Fellows to the question ‘How do you feel about the Climate Co-Adaptation Lab?’ after an initial onboarding phase in December 2020

It represents a novel way of combining three ambitions. First, the development of practical innovations to face the challenges of enhanced impacts of climate change. Secondly, a proactive mechanism for well-experienced individuals to build a career in a rather new professional field and labor market, instead of passively waiting for the next job opportunity to open up. And thirdly, experts and researchers from different continents, disciplines and cultural backgrounds can virtually collaborate in a Covid-19 world that restricts travelling.

The Lab has been the result of a bottom-up effort with almost no additional funding, which in itself is a remarkable achievement. However, in order to maintain and enhance this innovation and collaboration platform, PlanAdapt is seeking partners to fund and further develop it.

For interested colleagues, please feel invited to join if you meet the requirements and send an expression of interest (including your CV) to engage (at)

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