Market Study for Climate Services – PlanAdapt at Stakeholder Workshop

Market Study for Climate Services – PlanAdapt at Stakeholder Workshop

On September 28, PlanAdapt participated in the MARCO and EU-MACS project’s joint stakeholder event in Berlin that brought together EU-based project partners and stakeholders in the area of climate services. Both projects work closely together to provide detailed insight into the climate services market in Europe.

The EU-MACS project develops mechanisms that should assist both CS providers and users in better matching their products, capabilities, and needs, while at the same time also smoothing the processes for searching, selecting, tailoring, and (decision oriented) using climate service products, while the MARCO project carries out case studies, forecast future user needs, assess market growth until 2030, unveil opportunities, raise awareness and connect service providers and users. Jointly, they will collaborate on a better understanding of business modelling and innovation dynamics, the generations of market inventories and stakeholder engagement formats.

The workshop focused on two key questions: “How to create more momentum on climate services and foster an active community of cooperation and business opportunities?” and “How to shape the future of the market for climate services”. Project partners presented findings of the various studies the two projects have conducted until to date. More results will be published soon here: MARCO and EU-MACS. PlanAdapt follows these discussions closely in order to learn from the latest insights, particularly in view of matching supply and demand for climate services. We await especially the study that evaluates the influence of climate vulnerability and risk understanding on the demand for climate services, a field that we believe is highly under-researched.

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