Sigmund Kluckner

Sigmund is a PlanAdapt Fellow, based in Vienna, Austria.

Sigmund’s work is focused on innovation for social and environmental impact on a global scale, bringing together communities to ideate, develop and implement new ideas, approaches and technologies that can help solve the world’s most pressing challenges. He is an experienced information systems engineer, experienced project manager, event facilitator, and community manager with 14 years of work experience. He has led many projects for internationally operating organizations, from software development to applied research, and has successfully managed the “Climate Knowledge Brokers Group”, a community of practice of knowledge managers, communications professionals and platform operators. He has facilitated many online and in-person events for audiences from all walks of life – events ranging from conferences to peer-exchanges to co-creation workshops. He is passionate about collaboration to achieve a better outcome: working together, bridging disciplines and making sure everyone is heard are core to his work.

As an engineer, he devises, develops and implements approaches and technologies that support and extend organizations’ missions – using methods that are centered around the people, causes and organizational limitations, rather than technology for its own sake. In the past, Sigmund has contributed to a range of publication and projects within the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group, foremost the Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto and an outreach campaign on what climate knowledge brokering even means. In his research years, he has published conference papers on the use and development of information systems for crisis management efforts.

Sigmund holds a Master’s degree in computer science management from the Vienna University of Technology, as well as a Master’s degree in information and communication engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg. He has participated in various continuing education on non-technical and technical topics.

For more info, see Sigmund’s LinkedIn page.