Dr Nathan Debortoli

Nathan is a PlanAdapt Network Member and a previous Fellow, based in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Nathan has 13 years of experience finding solutions to integrate climate, environmental, socioeconomic and institutional science and data in diverse scales and regions. He has designed unique methods to tackle climate change into regional development and natural hazards adaptation. Nathan has implemented indices to assess climate change vulnerability in the Arctic and Tropical areas (e.g. drought, landslides, flash floods, extreme weather events) and has delivered crucial information to implement climate change adaptation policy strategies at the national, regional and municipality levels. Nathan’s approach uses complex data sets, with holistic and flexible products that are easy to communicate to different audiences, such as communities, stakeholders and policymakers. His portfolio includes public policies analyses and mapping, policy strategy implementation, multi-criteria and governance scenarios development, land-use modelling, remote sensing, GIS, mapping and R-Platform scripts/coding, with application in environmental and climate sciences, climate change scenarios, sustainability indicators, system network analysis and text analysis. Nathan has enrolled with more than ten universities and research centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Nathan has experience with a wide range of social groups (small and large-scale farmers, fishers, indigenous peoples and forest essence extractors) and ecosystems (tropical and subtropical forests, grasslands, semi-arid areas, savannas, tropical coastal areas and the Arctic). Nathan has worked and developed studies for several university research centers in Canada, France and Brazil. Nathan worked as a consultant and volunteer for NGOs (WWF and Cuso International), international development agencies (UNFCCC, CIRAD, IRD, GIZ), Ministries (Environment, Science and Technology and Social Development in Brazil), Consortiums (Ouranos), and federal-provincial governments in Canada and Brazil including Transport Canada, IDRC and the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices.

Nathan has a Ph.D. in Geography and Sustainable Development from Université Rennes II in France and Universidade de Brasília in Brazil.

Nathan contributed to PlanAdapt’s work in the following projects and initiatives: