Natalie Gröbner

Natalie is a Research Analyst at the PlanAdapt coordination hub,  based in Berlin, Germany.

Prior to joining PlanAdapt, she worked as a project assistant for the NGO Lilipad e.V. conducting education and participation projects to provide educational support to children in vulnerable communities. She also worked on the implications of the UN Environment’s Sixth Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-6) for Germany within the Environmental Law and Governance Division of the Oeko-Institut and supported the Foreign Affairs Office at the Permanent Delegation of Germany to the UNESCO during the 38th General Conference and the COP21.

Her main interests are focusing on the enhancement of climate-resilience through good governance approaches regarding the adaptation to climate change within the food and agriculture sector and as well as the relevance and impact of alternative economic systems on climate mitigation and sustainable development in the field of development cooperation. 

Besides her work for PlanAdapt, she volunteers for the Development Policy Program of the Grassroots Thinktank Polis180. Furthermore, she contributes to Polis180’s climate and energy sector, with a focus on agricultural policy and the Common Agriculture Policy.

Natalie holds a M.A. in International Relations with a focus on Global Political Economy from the Technical University of Dresden. In her thesis, she focused on the relocation of Germany’s agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and the decoupling approach in the context of Sustainable Development.