Ivan Palmegiani

Ivan is a PlanAdapt Network Member and a previous Fellow, based in Berlin, Germany.

He is a data professional with geospatial data analytics and earth observation as core expertise. These techniques provide him with the means to monitor natural and agricultural systems, while his solid background in natural sciences and ecosystem thinking enable the interpretation and translation of numerical results into actionable insights. His multi-disciplinary expertise is reflected in the diversified working experiences that Ivan gathered over the past decade.

He worked for 8 years in wildlife research and conservation at international research institutes, such as CIBIO – Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, in Portugal, and the Leibniz Association, in Germany. In that phase of his career, he planned, coordinated and executed field-based projects in Southern Europe and in Namibia. While working at the forefront of human-wildlife conflict, Ivan engaged in close cooperation with local communities, stakeholders and state authorities to develop conflict mitigation strategies. In 2018, Ivan expanded his research horizons and started working in the private sector, inspired by the rise of ecosystem-based approaches for sustainable and climate-resilient production systems. He now works on a freelance basis as a geospatial data consultant and geodata scientist at for- and non-for-profit organisations. His purpose is to facilitate the transition from exploitative societies and economies to sustainable and regenerative ones.

Ivan holds a Master degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management at the University of Sassari (Italy).

For more information see Ivan’s LinkedIn page.