Becky Venton

Becky is a network member and an associate with PlanAdapt based in Exeter, United Kingdom.

Her expertise lies in the design, implementation and evaluation of weather and climate information services (WCIS).  She supports major international development organisations, national governments, NGOs and other institutional actors to work with National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS) and their stakeholders at national, sub-regional and regional levels.

Becky is a Chartered Meteorologist with the Royal Meteorological Society and has over 20 years of professional experience spanning the value chain of WCIS.  She helps NMHS and their implementation partners to better understand and meet the needs of their users and customers. She is passionate about the collaborative design, production and effective communication of products and services tailored to meet the needs of vulnerable communities to ensure their understanding and use.  She is also sensitive to the capacity needs of NMHS and their stakeholders to deliver effective and sustainable WCIS, designing and delivering packages of technical assistance to empower individuals and strengthen institutions to better meet their objectives.

Since 2014, she has mainly worked in East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda), including a 2-year assignment based in Rwanda leading a programme of technical assistance.

Becky supports a number of clients in her work as an Independent International Development Consultant.  Prior to working freelance, Becky fulfilled a range of roles during a 12-year career at the Met Office (the UK’s NMHS), which was preceded by 10 years of service as a commissioned officer in the Royal Navy, where she was a specialist in Hydrography, Meteorology and Oceanography.

Becky holds a Masters in Business Administration and a BSc degree in Psychology from the University of Exeter.  She also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Meteorology and Oceanography, and an MSc in Applied Oceanography from the University of Plymouth.

For more info, see Becky’s LinkedIn Page.