Unleashing the Potential of Capacity Development for Climate Action

Unleashing the Potential of Capacity Development for Climate Action – Fixing a Broken Link on the Pathway to Transformational Change

For decades, there has been agreement in the climate and development community that capacity development (CD) is a driving force towards social transformation. It is commonly defined as the process by which individuals, organisations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives over time. With contexts rapidly changing due to the impact of climate change, the need to smartly invest in CD is bigger than ever before if we are to boost the transformation processes and the climate action required in the 21st Century.

PlanAdapt’s Martin Rokitzki and Alannah Hofemeier, in collaboration with and supported by the GIZ’s Support for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPA) Project,  authored this discussion paper that presents a consolidated overview of prevalent shortcomings and, more importantly, provides pointers for possible solutions, giving special consideration in the process to a funder perspective.

The discussion paper is available to download here. Please find more info on PlanAdapt’s views and approaches to capacity development and knowledge brokering

We hope that this discussion paper helps to assemble actors that are keen to enhance funding, design and implementation practice in view of capacity development in the climate sphere.  Please do get in touch, if you are interested in allying up to work with others and particularly funders to do so. 

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