Internship Programme

About Us

PlanAdapt is a global network-based organisation with a coordination hub in Berlin. We provide knowledge services in support of effective, economically just and socially inclusive climate change adaptation (CCA) and climate risk management (CRM) around the world.

PlanAdapt’s team approaches complex challenges through transdisciplinary mixed methods and engagement of doers and thinkers across the spheres of science, policy and practice. Our advisors and researchers are specialised in methods and processes to bridge the adaptation science-action gap.

PlanAdapt’s mission is to design and offer effective and innovate ways to build skills, competencies and knowledge to adapt to climate change in the Global South. Read more about PlanAdapt here:

We are seeking passionate, curious and motivated individuals to join our internship programme to support the activities of our Coordination Hub across three possible areas:

  1. Research and analytical methods
  2. Project management and coordination
  3. Fundraising and partnership building

We offer:

  • experience in working on an international level with globally diverse colleagues in a vibrant, multi-cultural and international work environment, ideally in our office in Berlin;
  • exposure to cutting-edge projects and activities in research and knowledge services related to climate change adaptation and climate risk management, particularly in the Global South;
  • value-based learning opportunities in a new and growing international organisation;
  • an excellent opportunity to build skills and knowledge in the areas of climate change adaptation and climate risk management;
  • a networking opportunity to make new acquaintances and new connections with colleagues from around the world;
  • experience working in a supportive and collaborative environment.

We are looking for candidates:

  • that have completed at least the first half of their master’s degree related to topics such as climate change, environmental management, sustainability, good governance, public policy or similar;
  • with passion, ability and creativity to contribute ideas to the various projects and fields of research in a young and dynamic organisation;
  • with a strong team spirit and desire to work in a new organisation in the landscape of climate institutions that helps to build essential skills, competencies and capacities in the Global South;
  • with advanced English language skills, German language skills are an asset but not mandatory.

Additional desired basic qualifications:

  • An aptitude for improving systems and processes;
  • Passion for PlanAdapt’s services and mission;
  • Ability to demonstrate an openness and willingness to learn about the application of gender/gender mainstreaming, and diversity for all aspects of development work with sensitivity to cultural differences and commitment to equal opportunities;
  • Excellent attention to detail, highly entrepreneurial, creative and collaborative;
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills to formulate and articulate contractual, technical, financial and value points with partners and internal PlanAdapt teams.

To apply:

Application process now closed! We are no longer accepting applications to the internship programme, however, it will be re-opened in a few months for the next cycle.

Specifics for each area:

Area 1 (research and analytical methods):

Supporting research activities and writing of research outputs including the development of methods, concepts and approaches in view of effective, economically just and socially inclusive CRM and CCA.

Examples of tasks

  • Support to the development of methodological concepts and approaches
  • Research based on strategic needs of the organisation
  • Use of analytical software to generate and provide evidence-based information
  • Support to the development of research grant proposals
  • Knowledge management activities and support to the organisation of PlanAdapt Topic Fora

Preferred key skills:

  • Good analytical skills, ideally sound knowledge of a few quantitative and/ or qualitative research methods or software

Area 2 (project management and coordination):

Project-managing applied research or advisory service processes, in collaboration with PlanAdapt’s researchers and advisors. That can potentially comprise administrative tasks, drafting of research proposals, organizing research-related events from seminars to international conferences and contributing to communications and outreach initiatives.

Examples of tasks

  • Meeting coordination & preparation for the PlanAdapt Marketplace and PlanAdapt Topic Fora
  • Inputs to proposals and bids in the three core areas of PA’s work (training/ capacity development, applied research and advisory services)
  • Process management for project implementation & organisational activities
  • Support to the project management and coordination of ongoing projects (e.g. development of project timelines & milestone deadlines

Preferred key skills:

  • Good knowledge of basic project management and coordination tools

Area 3 (fundraising and partnership building):

Fundraising for innovative research, advisory services and (e-)learning services for climate change adaptation and climate risk management as well as in supporting PlanAdapt’s work relating to the creation and management successful partnership relations with investors and donors from the philanthropical, public, private sector.

Examples of tasks

  • Identification of potential donors, funders and partners
  • Support relationship building with donors, funders and partners
  • Review of open calls and tenders, applying specific filtering criteria
  • Support to Ad-Hoc Opportunity Working Groups

Preferred key skills:

  • Good overview of the donor and funding landscape related to PlanAdapt’s work