Wolfram Lange

Wolfram is a PlanAdapt Fellow, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He has 18 years of professional experience in consultancy and research; capacity building/training and academic teaching; coordination and management of multi- and transdisciplinary teams and projects about sustainability; natural resources and environmental management; urban and social geography in general, and, in particular climate change adaptation and mitigation; climate proofing; vulnerability and climate risk assessment; land management; ecosystem & community based approaches; biodiversity; stakeholder engagement; disaster risk reduction; urban and regional resilience; socio-spatial analysis; renewable energies; international cooperation with a focus on developing and emerging countries.

In his assignments, he advances research and policy on Eco-DRR/EbA, which to date has included applied research and consulting on social perception for awareness raising of low income communities to governance aspects on municipal level to identifying and integrating Eco-DRR and EbA measures in planning instruments on different government levels to technical and academic teaching of concepts and approaches of Eco-DRR and EbA, for donor organizations and development agencies like GIZ, ICLEI, Conservation International, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, UN-SPIDER, UNDP and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

He holds a Diploma in Geography, Traffic Sciences and Urban and Landscape Planning from the University of Cologne/Germany.