Till Groth

Till is a PlanAdapt Fellow, based in Leipzig, Germany.

He has several years of experience in research in ecology, biodiversity and in the impacts of climate change on environmental and social systems. Starting from the natural sciences, he developed a strong understanding for the need of transdisciplinary approaches and concentrates on resilience thinking and socio-ecological analyses. In addition to solid experience in ecological field work in different regions of the Global South (Indian Ocean, Latin America), Till has engaged with various stakeholders from the public, the private sector and the civil society. He has worked with local NGOs such as MANDA in evaluation and consulting of organizational structure, advised private sector companies in Germany in supporting strategic planning for sustainability and worked with research institutions such as the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) and the University of Göttingen. In the international development sector, Till planned, coordinated and executed research on the resilience of local communities to climate change with the GIZ in Colombia.

Till holds a joint Master degree in Sustainable Development with the universities of Leipzig and Utrecht. His Master’s research concentrated on the operationalization of resilience principles in marine and coastal socio-ecological systems. He also holds a Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Göttingen. Till speaks German, English, French and Spanish.

For further information, see Till’s LinkedIn page.