Rory Antoniuk

Rory is a part-time member of PlanAdapt’s Coordination Hub and a PlanAdapt Fellow based in Lund, Sweden.

Rory’s primary interests lie in facilitation, horizontal organizing, labs, and any co-creative bottom-up space that facilitates cooperation. His main focus is on designing these processes to enable horizontal power sharing and voice, as a means to attain transformational change. Precisely how to achieve the transformational change needed to meet the climate crisis is a question central to much of his work. Rory is also drawn towards complexity and systems thinking, as well as innovative, transformative, policy solutions.

Much of Rory’s experience comes from over a decade of active involvement in community organizing and activism, predominately in his hometown of Calgary, Canada. Through this work, he has gained experience in a range of issues, including breaking down siloing, refugee resettlement, mutual aid, community resilience, and various other initiatives intended to meet expressed community needs.

He recently graduated with a Master of Science in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation from Lund University, which deepened his intrigue into many of the issues previously mentioned. For instance, his thesis entitled “Assessing the Transformative Potential of a Sociocracy-Informed Climate Change Adaptation Lab in Lund, Sweden” involved conceptualizing, establishing, and analyzing two climate change adaptation labs in Lund using sociocracy as the main organizing methodology for shared power and voice. While limited, the findings of his thesis confirmed the transformative potential of such a space.

Prior to his master’s degree, Rory gained further professional and international experience in Kenya, Ghana, Greece, and China, among others. In China, he taught thousands of university students from the bachelor’s to PhD level on topics like intercultural communication and academic writing. While in Greece with Mamagea Environmental Organization, Rory participated in a range of initiatives, including a community-based participatory planning project for the risk-informed sustainable revitalization of an abandoned tram depot in Thessaloniki.

With PlanAdapt, Rory aims to apply his skills to similar initiatives and explore new innovative areas in climate adaptation work.

For more information, see Rory’s LinkedIn profile.