Ragasamyutha Ananthathmula

Raga is an intern (climate risk management and climate adaptation) at PlanAdapt’s coordination hub. She is currently based in the Netherlands.

As a civil engineer and an urbanist, she is passionate about studying the synergies between societies and nature, and their respective trade-offs. Her core competencies and interests lie in developing socio-technological solutions for climate resilience and adaptation in cities. At PlanAdapt, she is looking forward to working in a collaborative space that fosters bottom-up innovation.

Raga holds a master’s degree in urban management and development from Erasmus University. Her master’s thesis focussed on the financial instruments utilised by municipalities in the Netherlands to foster circular innovation amongst local businesses. She has a previous experience in the non-profit space as a technical consultant for design and implementation of decentralized water and  waste management strategies. Through this, she has a demonstrated history of collaborating with local governments, corporates, and civic societies for project implementation and capacity building.