Md. Humayain Kabir

Kabir is a PlanAdapt Fellow from Bangladesh, currently based in Graz, Austria.

He has 12+ years of experience in academic research and teaching with a strong engagement of relevant stakeholders and has been contributing to solving climate change-induced problems in Bangladesh, Thailand, UK, and Austria. His research activities include climate change risk management, climate change impact assessment and adaptation, environmental management, water resources management, disaster risk management, attribution of weather and climate extremes, and sustainability. He planned, designed, and implemented several national and international projects, and collaborated with both practitioners and academia.

Kabir taught at a public university in Bangladesh for 8 years where his lectured courses were on Environmental Management, Environmental Disaster Management, Atmospheric Science, and Climate Change. He also supervised final-year students’ research projects on the environment, climate change, and disaster management issues. Apart from teaching and research, he is a mentor of the climate reality project, mentor of MIT Solve, a fellow of Anant Fellowship for Climate Action (2021-2022 cohort), Fellow of Environmental Leadership Program (University of California, Berkeley), and Ambassador of EN-ROADS (a climate solutions simulator).

Since 2010, Kabir has been working on climate change issues in southwestern and southeastern coastal areas in Bangladesh. He has been contributing to peer-reviewed journals, international conferences, and seminars regularly and published more than 60 research items internationally. He published his research in reputed top-ranked journals and also has been serving as a reviewer of many international journals. His published papers are on the sustainability of climate change adaptation practices in Bangladesh, locally-led adaptation for sea level rise-induced impacts, the effect of extreme climatic events on society and ecosystems, multi-hazard risk assessment, and their coping strategies. He has also been the principal supervisor for a number of research projects on disaster risk reduction and management, climate impact assessment, climate change adaptation, and water resources management. Currently, Mr. Kabir has a research collaboration with more than 20 early career scientists from three continents and working on interdisciplinary aspects of climate change.

Md. Humayain Kabir is a PhD candidate (final year and expecting Doctorate degree in early 2023) and pre-doctoral scientist at the Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz, Austria where he is researching the summertime extreme weather events and their impact on the Alpine Foreland of Austria. Mr. Kabir was a visiting researcher at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford. He is also an Associate Professor (on leave) of Environmental Science at the Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong (IFESCU), Bangladesh. He holds two MScs, one in Climate Change from the University of East Anglia, UK (under the Commonwealth scholarship) and one from the University of Chittagong (IFESCU), Bangladesh in Environmental Science, Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences. Recently, he earned a Diploma degree in Climate Action from Ananat National University (India). Mr. Kabir is highly trained at many universities including the 5 top universities in the world. He is one of twenty-five climate scientists who have been accepted into the NASA summer school on “Satellite Observations and Climate Models” organized by NASA JPL Center for Climate Science, and the Keck Institute for Space Studies under the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA.

For more information about Kabir’s research work, please visit his LinkedIn and ResearchGate profile.