Massimiliano Granceri Bradaschia

Massimiliano is a PlanAdapt Fellow, based in Trieste, Italy.

He has 10 years of professional experience in developing and evolving cities and urban contexts acquired by working as researcher and consultant at the service of public and private organizations in the Spatial/Territorial Planning, GIS analytics, Environmental and Climate Policy, and M&E fields in Brazil, France, Spain, and Italy. He’s interested in topical issues that cities and urban-rural territories address nowadays. His main interest is climate change adaptation in urban areas and communities from both, spatial and institutional points of view.

Massimiliano is currently working as both an independent consultant and a researcher; he also has published several academic publications (Ph.D. thesis on climate adaptation mainstreaming at local level). Apart from PlanAdapt, he is also affiliated with Adelante

He holds a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Development (2020) and a M.Sc. in Urban and Environmental Planning (2014). As urban and environmental planner, he is officially chartered to the Turin Architects and Urbanists register (2020) and obtained the professional qualification in 2014. Among his qualifications there are foreign language skills: he is an Italian native speaker and also speaks English, Portuguese (embracing a particular attachment to the Lusophone community), and Spanish. He also understands French and Slovenian.

For more info, see Massimiliano’s Orcid page, professional webpage and LinkedIn page.