Maitreyi Koduganti Venkata

Maitreyi is a network member of PlanAdapt, currently based in Delft, Netherlands.

Maitreyi has about four years of experience in working at the interface of policy and practice, specifically in the fields of climate sciences, water governance, human ecology and development pathways. She has worked with grassroots communities, especially in the semi-arid regions of India focussing on watershed development, climate change adaptation, and stakeholder engagement. Most importantly, she has contributed to building climate policy brief that attempts to synthesise various adaptation strategies and prospects in the semi-arid regions of India. She has also participated at Adaptation Futures 2018 presenting the works around Transformative Scenario Planning Process in the water sector of Bangalore city in India.

Prior to being a part of PlanAdapt, she completed her Masters in Water Management and Governance at IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft. She is also a part of a Youth driven voluntary organisation- Water Youth Network wherein she co-coordinates the Water Governance thematic group.

Her LinkedIn profile can be found here.