Mabel Nabunya

Mabel is a previous Research Fellow under the International Climate Protection Fellowship Programme by the Humboldt Foundation hosted by PlanAdapt in 2022.

She has over five years of work experience in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation, green growth, climate resilience, and natural resource management.

During her research stay at PlanAdapt, she conducts research aiming to identify institutional and policy measures that increase resilience in forest landscape restoration using native plantations to unlock climate finance. Notably, she will explore measures used to increase the capacity of institutions and communities to sustain interest in forest landscape restoration using native plantations to identify mechanisms that can be adopted to mainstream climate-resilient approaches into existing forest programs. Additionally, she will explore climate finance initiatives most suitable for forestry adaptation activities, exploring the requirements, and the best practices to be adapted to take advantage of these funds. Mabel will engage stakeholders in Germany’s forestry and climate action arena through interviews and reviewing historical records to achieve this.

Previously, Mabel has worked with developmental and research organizations, including Verra, Fairventures, Vi Agroforestry, and the GIZ NAMA facility. She is involved in conducting quality reviews on climate projects and has been involved in developing carbon projects.  She helped the GIZ NAMA Facility oversee the implementation of specific country NAMAs globally. Through an interdisciplinary research project with Vi agroforestry at TU Dresden in Germany, she evaluated the role of agroforestry in reducing the vulnerability of farmers to climate change.

Mabel holds a Master of Science degree in Tropical Forestry from the Dresden University of Technology in Germany.