Hausner Wendo

Wendo is a PlanAdapt Fellow, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Wendo is an expert for sustainability, environment and climate resilience focussing on cross-sectoral thematic areas including climate risk management, natural resource management, socio-ecological resilience and local climate resilience financing mechanisms.

He is currently supporting climate information service and resilience planning in the context of county climate change fund mechanism at the Adaptation Consortium (ADA) in Kenya. He has 10 years of work experience in project management across programmes on integrated climate risk management, community-managed disaster risk reduction and natural resource management, livelihood resilience, climate change governance and devolved climate finance mechanisms; this has been gained in organizations such as Wetlands International, Vétérinaires sans Frontières Germany and International Institute for Environment & Development.

His interests are mainly in sustainability, socio-ecological resilience thinking and nature-based solutions for climate change. His recent professional career covers project management and technical support responsibilities across various programmes most recent of which was the Locally-Led Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Management and Devolved Climate Finance project under the World Bank’s Kenya Accountable Devolution Programme.

Wendo holds a Master of Environmental Planning and Management (Kenyatta University, Kenya) and a BSc. Science (Biological Sciences major – Egerton University, Kenya). He is also pursuing MSc. Sustainability & Adaptation (Centre for Alternative Technology – University of East London). Currently Wendo is a Policy Fellow – NDC Financing Fellowship Programme (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) and was one of the inaugural Fellows for the Programme for Vulnerability, Impact and Adaptation (PROVIA) graduate research fellowship programme attached to the International Centre for Climate Change Adaptation and Development (ICCCAD) in Bangladesh and focussing on the role of Participatory Action Research in integrating Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Community-based Adaptation.

For more info, see Wendo’s Linkedin page