Ella King

Ella is aintern with PlanAdapt, and is based in Berlin, Germany.  

Ella is currently completing an MSc in Disasters, Adaptation and Development at King’s College London, which explores topics around human vulnerability to disaster risk and threats from climate-related hazards. She is currently taking modules on Rural Livelihoods and Development, Environmental Science and Policy Making, and Community Vulnerability and Disaster risk. Her interests lie in climate change adaptation in the Global South, and she aims to pursue a career in research within this field.  

Prior to working with PlanAdapt, Ella worked as an intern with VolNepal, an NGO facilitating sustainable rural development and livelihood support in the Bagmati Province. Here, she supported the output of project-impact assessments and developed a grant proposal to secure funding for a remote learning system, which aims to provide students with digital resources to access education online during the Covid-19 pandemic.    

Ella’s academic background is in Political Science, and she completed a BSc in Politics and International Relations at the University of Bristol in the UK. Her dissertation research focused on discursive framings of climate change within the 2015 Paris Agreement and how these shape environmental policy options.