David Bronzwaig Kravzov

David is an intern (project management and coordination) with the PlanAdapt coordination hub,  based in Berlin, Germany.

David started his professional career as a social entrepreneur. While studying as an undergraduate, he co-founded a company that aimed to provide electricity to rural households in Mexico with the use of solar systems. During his time at university, he also organized a sustainability congress in Mexico City, curating a programme of speakers from all over the world to generate awareness for climate change.

David has 3 years of professional experience in the micro-finance sector, specifically in small credit for business. He strongly advocates on the impact of promoting human capital as the ultimate goal of any credit program. A good credit program that includes teachings about financial management can improve resilience for climate change. During his time working in finance, he implemented process mapping, a tool that he learned while performing a six-month internship in Bain & Company. The objectives are to define the roles and responsibilities of all the people involved in the project, within and outside the organization. Now, David looks to work towards the urgency of climate change adaptation, looking to develop new solutions for the Global South.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics Engineering, and he is enrolled in an International Master’s program studying Rural Development. Aiming for a potential thesis in smallholder farms adapting to droughts in arid and semi-arid regions.