Alexandra Amrein

Alexandra is a Plan Adapt Fellow based in France.

She is a versatile development practitioner with 13 years of experience in sustainable rural development, transformation of agri-food systems, value chains and adaptation to climate change.

She worked predominantly for CIAT and GIZ in Colombia, Zambia and Germany and has extensive travel experience in the regions. Alexandra is passionate about facilitating processes that bring together diverse groups of stakeholders for co-creating and implementing solutions at the nexus of climate change, agriculture and nutrition.

Throughout her career, she worked on capacity building with farmers, cooperatives, private sector companies and local leaders. She also had extensive experience in Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning as well as in communication and awareness building. Alexandra co-authored, piloted and adapted a participatory tool for inclusive business relationships (LINK Methodology). She also co-authored a series of learning briefs with IIED and HIVOS on Payments for Ecosystem Services in smallholder agriculture.

Alexandra holds a Masters’s Degree in Sustainable Development from SOAS and is trained in Permaculture Design. She is fluent in German, English, French and Spanish.

In 2022, Alexandra and her husband set up an organic, no-dig vegetable farm in South-West France as their way to contribute to the transformation of the agrifood system from the bottom-up.

For more info, see Alexandra’s LinkedIn page.