Adrian Fenton

Adrian is a network member and an associate, based in Leeds, United Kingdom. He has more than 10 years of varied professional experience in the international development sector. Areas of interest and expertise include: poverty reduction, microfinance, development and climate finance, as well as climate change adaptation planning and policy.

As a National Advisor to the Government of Fiji, he had recently led the development of the Fiji National Adaptation Plan focusing on the integration of environmental and climate risk in development planning processes and the inclusion of the private sector. Previously, he worked as a consultant, completing projects for non-governmental organisations, research and policy institutes, and multilateral organisations (such as IIED, Oxfam and Care International; as well as multilateral institutions such as UNDP and UNEP).

Adrian has a PhD in Climate Change Adaptation and Microfinance from the University of Leeds and holds two Masters degrees in Development and Planning and Research Methodology from the University College London and the University of Manchester. Since 2011, he is also a research affiliate at Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP). He has produced numerous publications, most in high impact peer-reviewed journals such as World Development and Nature Climate Change.

For more info, see Adrian’s LinkedIn page.